Hey Friends University

Lately, the number one question I’ve been getting asked is all about my college decision and plans after high school. At the moment, I can confidently tell you that I am officially taking a year off to give Hey Friends the full attention and love that it deserves. Hey Friends has been a full-time side hustle for almost two years now and I’m going to be very honest with you, I am tired of only working on Hey Friends in the middle of the night, random free periods at school, Saturday nights, and in all of the most inconvenient times In my life. Now by saying this, I do not want to come off as lazy or as tho I am complaining, but I fully think I deserve a solid year to give Hey Friends everything I have to make this my career. This is a decision that I changed and then reconsidered many many many times! I started off in the fall of 2020 fully committed to the idea of going off into a 4-year program after high school. Also at this time, I was taking dual enrollment classes at Mercyhurst University in the morning and heading to high school in the afternoon. Oh, and did I mention two weeks into this class I was quickly starting to absolutely hate it! I was taking a research and writing class, and let’s just say writing huge essays about random events in the ’50s with themes of identity is NOT my thing. I vividly remember sitting in class and feeling so upset because all I could think about was a massive to-do list sitting on my desk. This was also around the time when I got the email from the Producers at the Drew Barrymore Show. This really opened my eyes to a bunch of possibilities and outcomes I hadn’t even thought about! All I have to say is thank you Drew B! Being on the show gave me the confidence to finally ditch the normal college scene and create my own path. So for the next year, you can find me working as hard as I can to keep growing my business and making Hey Friends my forever career. I love what I have created so much, and Hey Friends and I are going to be making some big moves this year. 

But for now, I’m off to Hey Friends University……..and if you were wondering, the color pink and Harry Styles are our mascots :)

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