About Us

Welcome to this little dream of mine!


It's a beautiful day to chase your dreams.
I first started my clothing line with the intention of it just being a new little side hobby. Little did I know that when I launched on July 5th 2019, it would truly change my life. In just a few short weeks I was receiving orders from Washington State to London, England and everywhere in between. My little side gig quickly turned into a full time job and a new found passion. I was determined to share my new business with everyone! I would be lying to you if I told you this was easy, but I have never done anything so rewarding in my
life. This new found passion and career has proven to be life changing. Hey Friends was made to be a positive and uplifting brand aimed to inspire your dreams. I have come to realize that starting your own career and becoming your own boss has some small minded people flustered. A lot of the time people call me a dreamer, like it is a bad thing, but in reality, the jokes on them, because I wouldn't want to be anything else. I'm here to prove that your crazy pipe dreams are possible. Here at Hey Friends we encourage this. We want to hear them, I know you have a list stashed somewhere.
Welcome to this little dream of mine, that will not be so little or a dream anymore.... more like reality.  
Welcome to Hey Friends.