More than just a clothing line

When I started Hey Friends back when I was 16 years old, I always dreamed of creating and designing clothing from scratch one day. Three years into Hey Friends I finally decided to go for it. I started from scratch with zero connections, researched and spent nearly a year in development. I found a production company in New York City and began creating. I knew in my heart this line had to be made in America. There is currently a fast fashion epidemic overseas and this was not something I wanted to support. Less than three percent of clothing we wear is made in the USA and I am so honored and proud that Hey Friends is included in that statistic. My goal is to create timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime. I prioritize using organic fabrics and the best quality materials. I like to joke that your granddaughters will be fighting over your Hey Friends The Label pieces in your closet one day because they are still in style and the quality is that good. Cheers to this new era of Hey Friends. 



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