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Why I Named My Clothing Line "Hey Friends"

Why I named my clothing line Hey Friends  This is a question that I get almost every day in my Instagram DMs and is one of the first things I get asked in interviews! Truthfully, I wish that there was a better story to all of this but that is not the case! But none the less, this is a question I am happy to answer! May 29th 2019 was the day I decided that I wanted to start Hey Friends. When I thought about the name for my line, this came early on and easy. "Hey Friends" was something that I already said in my daily life before I started this business! It also fit perfect because I knew...

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Meet The Designer

Hey Friend!  My name is Shaefer Santos, but you call me Shaef! I am the creator, owner, designer, and well pretty much everything here at Hey Friends! It is safe to say that Hey Friends becoming my career was kind of an accident, but I am forever thankful to have found my passion and career so young. I started Hey Friends was I was 16 years old in July of 2019. I had the full intentions of this just being some sort of side hobby to work on when I was bored. And well, it is very safe to say that I was very wrong. Flash forward two months and I was shipping Hey Friends everywhere from London, England to...

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Hey Friends Featured on The Drew Barrymore Show

"I really love your products and I think they are so beautiful and uplifting" - Drew Barrymore on Hey Friends   Can we take a moment to acknowledge that Drew Barrymore said my name and that she loved my clothing line..... what the ham?! If you would have told me a year ago Hey Friends and I would be featured on National TV I would have called you crazy. Of course I have huge dreams and aspirations for Hey Friends and when things happen that support those dreams, life doesn't feel real. That's why in late November last year when I got an email from a producer at The Drew Barrymore show asking to set up a meeting I was shocked....

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How I Accidentally Started a Profitable Business at 16

How I Accidentally Started A Profitable Business At 16 Trust me, I know how that title sounds and I didn't expect it either. I quickly wanted to retell my business story because recently I have gained a bunch of new friends and followers and I just wanted to catch you all up on what's been going on the last year and a half   I want to start off by saying, I have always dreamed of having a clothing line and owning a business. I feel like when you are younger you are only encouraged to pursue the "safe careers"   Clearly I threw all caution to the wind, but we'll get into that later.   I had gotten to...

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