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The Graphic Tee Guide

Here at Hey Friends, we are total graphic tee enthusiasts! Go for a casual look, or dress them up. Style them with a jean jacket, blazer, or grab your favorite pair of yellow heels. Here are some ways that I love to style them!  Instead of having a separate photoshoot, I went through my phone and selected some of my favorite pictures. I wanted to show real examples of me wearing some of my favorite graphic tees and how I style them in my daily life! # 1 Printed Skirt or Patterned bottom For this look I paired my classic Hey Friends graphic tee with this gold tassel skirt! I love to pair a simple tee with a patterned bottom. This gives you such a fun look! This is a dressier option....

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2 Year Q&A

This week Shaef celebrated the official second anniversary of Hey Friends! In honor of this milestone, Shaef is answering some of her most frequently asked questions!   1.) I always get a bunch of questions asking me about when I sleep and if I sleep?? This makes me laugh every time someone asks me this! The answer is yes, I do sleep! Probably not as much as I should, but some weeks are better than others! I have also just made the switch from a night person to a morning person and I 100% recommend it to everyone! I won’t lie to you, it was not an easy switch, but I see such a huge difference in my workflow and balance!...

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Hey Friends University

Lately, the number one question I’ve been getting asked is all about my college decision and plans after high school. At the moment, I can confidently tell you that I am officially taking a year off to give Hey Friends the full attention and love that it deserves. Hey Friends has been a full-time side hustle for almost two years now and I’m going to be very honest with you, I am tired of only working on Hey Friends in the middle of the night, random free periods at school, Saturday nights, and in all of the most inconvenient times In my life. Now by saying this, I do not want to come off as lazy or as tho I...

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Why I Named My Clothing Line "Hey Friends"

Why I named my clothing line Hey Friends  This is a question that I get almost every day in my Instagram DMs and is one of the first things I get asked in interviews! Truthfully, I wish that there was a better story to all of this but that is not the case! But none the less, this is a question I am happy to answer! May 29th 2019 was the day I decided that I wanted to start Hey Friends. When I thought about the name for my line, this came early on and easy. "Hey Friends" was something that I already said in my daily life before I started this business! It also fit perfect because I knew...

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Meet The Designer

Hey Friend!  My name is Shaefer Santos, but you call me Shaef! I am the creator, owner, designer, and well pretty much everything here at Hey Friends! It is safe to say that Hey Friends becoming my career was kind of an accident, but I am forever thankful to have found my passion and career so young. I started Hey Friends was I was 16 years old in July of 2019. I had the full intentions of this just being some sort of side hobby to work on when I was bored. And well, it is very safe to say that I was very wrong. Flash forward two months and I was shipping Hey Friends everywhere from London, England to...

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