Why I Named My Clothing Line "Hey Friends"

Why I Named My Clothing Line "Hey Friends"

Why I named my clothing line Hey Friends 

This is a question that I get almost every day in my Instagram DMs and is one of the first things I get asked in interviews! Truthfully, I wish that there was a better story to all of this but that is not the case!

But none the less, this is a question I am happy to answer! May 29th 2019 was the day I decided that I wanted to start Hey Friends. When I thought about the name for my line, this came early on and easy. "Hey Friends" was something that I already said in my daily life before I started this business! It also fit perfect because I knew that I wanted to start a positive and uplifting brand and this name fit that theme well! It also alined with all of my values and I have been running with it ever since! 

I am not sure if I ever explained this, but in my logo itself I have a little Easter egg hidden in the middle! If you look closely you can see an interlocking SS. These are actually my initials (Shaefer Santos) 

Speaking of my logo... Did you know it is now officially trademarked!? Early this year, this puppy came in the mail and I raced to Target to buy a frame! When I first made this little logo when I was 16 years old I had no idea what all of this would turn into. Or More importantly, the fact that I would have my own attorney at such a young age to start that legal process! It is wild to me how much this little dream of mine has grown, especially in the last month! 

Thank you so much for reading friends


Shaef 💗


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You are so cute 🥰 Your steadfast determination and hard work have served you well thru this journey and your dad and I couldn’t be more proud! XOXO Momma Ter


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