Hey Friends Featured on The Drew Barrymore Show

Hey Friends Featured on The Drew Barrymore Show

"I really love your products and I think they are so beautiful and uplifting"

- Drew Barrymore on Hey Friends 

 Can we take a moment to acknowledge that Drew Barrymore said my name and that she loved my clothing line..... what the ham?!

If you would have told me a year ago Hey Friends and I would be featured on National TV I would have called you crazy. Of course I have huge dreams and aspirations for Hey Friends and when things happen that support those dreams, life doesn't feel real. That's why in late November last year when I got an email from a producer at The Drew Barrymore show asking to set up a meeting I was shocked. So shocked that I thought it was a scam at first. But to my surprise, this was a real person and an even bigger opportunity. We had several exchanges and a few zoom calls but nothing really came of it. 

That was until this past week when on a random Wednesday in March I got the call that Hey Friends and I would be perfect for a new segment! This was some amazing news that also came with a whole bunch of emotions. To be completely transparent, at the time, I was more nervous and stressed than excited. The whole timeline of the show was all happening in less than a week and if you know me, then you would know, I am a huge planner. So, last minute things like this tend to stress me out. But this was the opportunity of a lifetime and I was not about to pass this up. I immediately got to work prepping for the show. I had a few meetings with the producer to go over all of the content and pictures that they needed. I had an intro video to film and a ton of pictures to send off to them as well.

The day came to actually tape the show and I felt oddly calm. I had a zoom meeting with the producer before hand and he jokingly mentioned two things:

1. He said it was going to go by very fast

2. He said when I was talking to Drew I was going slightly black out 

And well, he was correct on both. 

Before I knew it a control man named, Dan, was counting me down into the segment and I was talking to Drew Barrymore... yes, The Drew Barrymore. It all happened so fast and the next thing I knew I was back talking to another producer that was wrapping up the show!

When it was all over, I shut my laptop and to say I was relieved was an understatement. I was so excited and ready to watch the show air the next day with all of my friends and family!

The next day the show aired and it was absolutely crazy to watch my little business and I make out national television debut. This got me thinking about a school trip I took just before the world shut down last year. I was on a school trip to Toronto, and on the bus everyone watched "Fifty First Dates" starring Drew Barrymore. I was sitting with one of my friends, and it was both of our first times watching it. On this four hour bus ride, I talked all about how I loved Hey Friends and really wanted to make it my career. I vividly remember saying, "this is it for me"

At the time, that was a huge statement to make, but I knew it was how I truly felt. Like any business owner, I wanted Hey Friends to be a huge success but I had no idea how to get there. So, that is why I spent the last year truly giving it my all. Hey Friends is my passion and it is all that I want to do with my life. If Hey friends isn't my life work then I am going to make it be.

Now flash forward a year later and my business and I are being featured on The Drew Barrymore Show..... life is wild my friends. I went from watching Drew on TV to watching myself talk to her on my TV

I am forever grateful for this insane opportunity and remember friends, this is just the beginning.



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