Things I Always Pack On A Beach Vacation

Things I Always Pack On A Beach Vacation

One of my favorite places to be is at the beach. More specifically, Florida. I have been coming here since I was 5 and recently have been visiting a few times a year! I need to give total props to my grandparents and their amazing taste for choosing the best place to be a snow bird almost 20 years ago. They were so ahead of the curve and the trend. It is safe to say I have packing for a beach vacation down to a science. Today I wanted to share some things I ALWAYS pack when I head to the beach! Most of these items are my ride or die, and I’ve had them for years! I will try my best to link everything, or similar items! 

Starting off strong with one of my favorite Marshall’s finds, this white tunic button down. I am going to be totally honest, I thought this was a dress at first but it is the perfect tunic for the beach! When I am packing super light, I can make it work as a dress as well! There is a certain point in a beach day where I've definitely had too much sun but I don’t necessarily what to leave the beach yet (a real struggle I know lol) that is why I love this tunic because it such a versatile top!

I mentioned this one earlier but I only bring gold jewelry with me when I head to the beach. I am a gold jewelry lover on any day in general but something about being tan and in tropical paradise, I seem to love it even more! Not to mention, I feel like it makes you look tan...and ovi that is a must at the beach! 

This may sound like a given but bikinis and swimwear are high on list when it comes to packing for the beach! My favorite swim brand right now is from Tuluca! This is the one thing I always bring way too many of….but you never know how may you need! Lol.

This next one is also a Marshall’s find but straw bags are relativity easy to find right now, I will link a few of my favs! I love the circle shape and crossbody style on this bag. My only wish is that it was a tiny bit bigger but I love it regardless! I get so many compliments on it! 

This Hey Friends hat is from one of my first collections and I have been taking it with me for years! You may have caught on, but I love wearing white, especially on the beach!

I usually read books on my phone but I love reading actual paper copies when I am at the beach. Both of these books were such great beach reads (especially the first one lol) and I have them both linked in my amazon store here! 

I always make sure to bring multiple button downs. These two are my favorite, the white one is Beach Lunch Lounge and the navy pinstripe is from Ralph Lauren. These two can also work as coverups but I love to pair them with shorts. I typically wear these more towards the end of my trip when I’ve had a bit too much sun! 


This is a growing and on going list so when I head back to the beach in June, expect an updated post! If you wanted to snag any of these goodies for your next trip to the beach, click here for a direct link to my Amazon storefront where I tagged very simmer items to the ones I listed above! 



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